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Fanfiction and I have had a long and complicated history. I actually started writing fanfiction when I was twelve but all of those horrible tween-like fics have long been destroyed-thank God. Believe me, they were horrible. I don't know what I could possibly have been thinking when I wrote those things.

Now I think I've gotten marginally better, but that's just my personal opinion so who knows if it's actually true. My most popular story is Force It On a Girl Why Don't You? which is a Harry Potter/Hermione Granger fic simply because I love the two together and many other people agree with me apparently! It's follow up Aren't Things Supposed To Get Better From Here? (What a mouthful!) is in-progress but I've been quite horrid on the update-factor, but I'll finish that story, I swear!

Some other stories I've written for Fanfiction are The Girl in the Shadows (Jacob Black/OC) and soon-to-be-posted Incandescent (Jared/Kim). So check them out! I'll be posting Fanfiction faves soon too but I'm so into Criminal Minds and Dr. Spencer Reid right now that's probably all you'll find!