The Express Gallery


So mostly on Fictionpress I write poems (and the occassional one shot) because I am notoriously lazy and it kills me to finish stories for some reason. But I've been persistent lately, and I've created a new story called One Stupid Thing which is partially, but not entirely, based on my life (I didn't actually sleep with the guy, and I don't actually curse that much, sorry).

I've got so many story ideas to post now that I'm hoping to finish One Stupid Thing sometime soon as well as it's sequel Not This Again. So you'll definitely see more longer works from me on this awesome site in the future, don't you fret! Below are some of my Fictionpress faves so check 'em out if you have time! The list will probably keep growing, just to warn you.

Sweet Miseria - Raico
Chaos Reunion - Raico
Private Lives Public Property - star123
Once Upon a Nightmare - Miss Jak
Cupid's Granddaughter - GermanSam