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So this is my first real post and I decided, why not talk about the one thing that has been bothering me all day? Exercise is on my mind because I decided to be a good, little teenager and try to stay fit. Try being the opperative word here mind you. Now I'm not known notoriously for my perseverance  (or lack of it thereof) so I don't really know how long this new-found need to be fit will last.

Probably not long though. I'll give it a week.

Why this sudden need to be healthy you might ask? Well, it's not because I'm starting to realize where all those ramen noodles are disappearing to (although, in my opinion, it's quite hard to miss), it's because I am surrounded by fitness-freak-friends. Who happened to take both Gym and fitness last semester. I'm just saying they make me feel like a blob of not-doing-anything-really whenever they stumble in dead beat from working out.

But anyway, me and mu other blob-of-not-doing-anything-really friend have made a pack, or a bet more or less really, to see who can last the longest in the work-out phase. I won't bore you of the exact details (they are quite boring really), but I will say that it's really a pointless bet because, well, we aren't really ebtting anything. It's more of, oh let's see who'll drop out or die of exhaustion first sort of thing.

Le sigh.

I wish I would stick with it, I mean, it's soon summer, right?