The Express Gallery


Now I have three accounts on Quizilla, and all for different things so I don't know which one you know me by. But here they are:-

xxLilxxMissxxInvisiblexx -- this account is for my one shot requests. I still have about ten more to go so I'm not accepting any more as of now, but this summer I'll probably accept 3 a week since I'll be working as well as writing.

TheWritingBlock -- this account is my original Quizilla stories. These are the stories I only post to quizilla and no where else so check them out if you like my other original work. The text may be a bit small (I haven't got the hang of formatting unfortunately) so remember to zoom unless you want to hurt your eyes!

LongShotsWithWords -- these are actually my Quizilla fanfictions. These are always a character and OC but the only one I've got posted now is Waiting for Rain so if you like Edward Cullen, you'll probably like this story!